Why Work with PLCXpress Recruitment?

Because we keep finding the best recruiters and leaders, year after year, in every industry, in all cities and provinces and states and every country that we serve.  Several of our owners have been “Rockstar” recruiters, staffers, business developers, and leaders in their corporate industry, in their own specialties and as recruitment front-runners for years and have decided that they wanted to serve you as owners of their own business. They have a stake in the game, as we say!

Also, our offices have helped our clients, and their clients add full-time on-site recruitments and placements, remote and staffing contracts to their team for decades, solve difficult and complex placement to the truly hard to find professionals to truly multifaceted business challenges as well as worked with difficult business restructure and difficult budgets. If you have not tried working with our team yet! Please let us know how we can help you. We are servants in the recruitment space.

Our local expert recruiters in your city have worked with employers like you, in your industry for years, and help them connect with the top talents using our 39-step processes™, consulted on some of the most difficult situations and industries across North America, and match them with our clients for decades.

Our people are guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your company, or we take them back.  It’s guaranteed.  Oh… and let me reassure you that we have not taken too many backs over the years.  We are not perfect, but our placements are! Each of our placement is guaranteed. It’s guaranteed!

Why would you want to become a franchise owner with PLC Recruitment, find out here!

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