About Us

Our Story. Our Roots.

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Looking for work, a career moves or perhaps needing skilled talents to augment your growth – we call our candidates to hire – “our Rockstars” ! 
Let the recruiters and our local/global recruiting experts at PLCX Recruitment help you reach your business or corporate goals in an Express and Guaranteed way.  It’s Guaranteed. All of our placements are Guaranteed!!

About Us

Our Story – Our Roots

Our roots come from our parent company serving Western Canada for over 20+ years, since 1999 then move to our first physical and existing location in Medicine Hat, Alberta in 2007 – then the leadership team started to branch out our foundation of professional experience in recruitment, HR consulting, and small-to-extremely large staffing projects and expanded quickly in Permanent Placements and Executive Search.

With a global team now located in several cities, provinces, and multiple locations across Canada and the US – PLC Express Inc. (PLCX Recruitment – PLCX) has worked and placed thousands of Permanent Placements, Direct Hired, Executives, and Contract/Hybrid Placements alike, and help thousands and thousands of clients and candidates find great career goals, create great teams with our recruiters and consultants alike, and help build and rebuild work culture for candidates to find their professional objectives.

PLCXpress Recruitment


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Acquiring the Perfect Fit/Talents Throughout all Industries!

If you have worked with our us in the past, you know that we specialize in Health Care, Engineering, Finance and IT, – being Director, C-Levels, VP’s, Executive Search, however you may not know that we have recruiters and staffers in all industries, across different countries “Provinces and States” – to find the best leaders.  At PLCX Recruitment, we make our business to know your business in all its facets, being constructions, accounting, clerical and management, staffing needs or retail to mention a few – our teams and a team of specialist in their office that work across industries to meet all your needs.

We are specialists in a world that needs specialized general practitioners.

Our job is to know you, know your culture, know your short and long-term goals and work with you to get your there… quickly!


Our entire US and Canadian PLCX Recruitment team is growing new locations every month, and we are very excited in this next piece of our new company expansion journey, to show you “WHY PLCX Recruitment”; if you have not worked with us before. Connect with your nearest location, we can’t wait to serve you!